My Serenity Reward Loyalty Program



Acquire products, services and more by earning points through our "My Serenity Rewards" loyalty program". You'll accumulate points from purchases on services, products, our medi spa services, referrals, social posts and more.

Get Started

When you visit Serenity for services or shop our products , you will earn reward points on the value you spend. When you refer a new client to us, respond to social media posts and provide reviews, you will earn your reward points. It's easy, simply sign up through our email located on the bottom of our home page and we will send you a confirmation email. We will also gift your account with 50 bonus points as a thank you for joining our program. Please provide first and  last name on email.

How it works -Points for $$$$$

For every $1 you spend before tax, you will receive 1 point.

Every 10 points will equate to $1 which can be applied to your next service or product purchase. Use as frequent as you like or save up for a large redemption 

How to redeem your points

Each client will have their own individual reward account attached to their profile. Points are automatically tallied and added to your account upon completing the spa transaction. Points balance can be requested at any time.  Points can be exchanged for dollars and used at any visit in increments of 10 points= $1