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Serenity (Medi) Spa and Laser is proud to announce that we are an Official 2020 Top Choice Award Nominee! Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to nominate us! Now,  we need your help to WIN! Voting is now open and if you feel that we  have earned your vote, we would appreciate you taking the time to vote  for us. Winning the Top Choice Award is one of the largest endorsements a  business can receive within North America & Europe, so this is a  BIG deal!

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Voting ends December 20th, 2019.

We would love to win the Top Choice Award... But we need your help to do  so. If you believe we are your Top Choice, why not help us spread the  word! Thank you for your time and we appreciate your vote! 

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December Specials

DermaStamp Microneedling



$350 single session

$995- 3 sessions

Microneedling  (also known as collagen induction therapy) involves using fine needles  to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer  of skin. The micro-injuries that are created stimulates the body's  natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and  increased collagen and elastin production, therefore reversing as well  as preventing signs of aging. The primary appeal of microneedling is its  ability to stimulate growth of collagen and elastin, which is the key  to new, youthful-looking skin.

Customized treatment plans can produce lasting effects that address a wide range of skin problems:

  • ​Helps Reduce Pore Size 
  • Reduces Wrinkles 
  • Minimizes and Controls Blackheads 
  • Fades Acne Scars 
  • Fades Pigmentation/Sun Damage 
  • Stimulates Growth of Collagen 
  • Stimulates Growth of Elastin

$400 per session

$1050 - 3 session

Viora Facial



$225 single session

$1295- 6 sessions

 No Knives/No Needles-Non Surgical Facelift

Viora is a thermal skin rejuvenation treatment. Viora uses radio frequency advancement to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin. Radio frequency will stimulate the formation of new collagen and contract the layers of your skin for an improved appearance in the 

What does it Treat?

On the face, Viora can treat sagging skin on the entire face or the lack of definition in certain areas like the forehead, crows feet, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, smile lines and neck.

How quickly will I see results?

During treatment most patients will feel a heat sensation and “feel” tighter. Over time patients typically noticed improvement to skin tone, texture irregularities and lifting benefits with definition and decreased wrinkles.

  single session-$250

3 sessions -$700

6 sessions-$1375

24 k Gold Anti-Aging facial



24k Gold Anti-Aging facial plus a lift

 ( a skin-tightening machine Nu Face that sends  soft, gentle waves through the skin, tissues and down to the  facial muscle that will stimulate and tighten them resulting in an instant lift.)  

You will be given a 24 k Gold serum(59ml) to be used after treatment for home care- valued at $50

All this for $165 for the month of December.

Enjoy  the benefits of 24 Karat Gold in our Anti-Aging Gold Facial Treatment. This mask is revitalizing and firming, as it consists of  24 karat gold dust, collagen, ginger, fruit extract and minerals. It provides a tightening  effect for the face and neck line. Loaded with antioxidants the Gold Mask  provides hydration and calmness to the skin.

75 min -$165 

Indie Head Massage


45 min Indie Head massage with 45 min Rmt massage PLUS your choice of aromatherapy oil to be used during treatment.  Your hands and feet will be cocooned in our warming mitts for an unforgettable feeling of relaxation. A Ultra warming Eye Pillow will be sent home with you to continue the pampering!

 RMT receipts provided  

If you suffer from Headaches, TMJ, Night Grinding, Tension or simply need to unwind the daily stress of life. Indie Head Massage might be exactly what you have been looking for.

Craniosacral Theraphy



30 min cranial therapy with 30 min RMT back massage, Your body will be toasty warm with our heated bed and blanket and  your hands and feet will be cocooned in our warming mitts for an unforgettable feeling of relaxation  -$150

 PLUS a $20 gift certificate to be used towards a 60 min Cranial session. 

RMT receipts provided

 Craniosacral therapy is a relaxing treatment that can help to improve the functioning of the nervous system, relieving pain and improving mobility. CST has been used to treat a variety of conditions, both physical and psychological.  

Helps to relieve anxiety, insomnia, emotional and physical stress, mental clarity. Craniosacral therapy has also been know to help children with ADHD.



Dermaplaning is a process of exfoliating  the epidermis and rids the skin of vellus hair (peach fuzz). Using a surgical blade, our Medical Aestheticians abrades the surface of the skin. This procedure removes the outer layers of the dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling smooth, supple and vibrant. By removing the vellus hair, this helps to remove build up of dirt and oils in the follicles.


About Us

Welcome from the President


Welcome to Serenity Medi- Spa and Laser. Over the past 33 years, it has been my personal passion to make a statement in the medi-spa and laser industry that focuses on true professionalism and quality of service

 Serenity is a truly modern Anti-Aging medi-spa specializing in  state of the art technology and advanced rejuvenation treatments. Our team of highly trained  professionals  are ready to assess your  individual needs and taylor specific treatments to meet your goals.  Our approach to Anti- Aging begins from the inside out using  combination therapies from nutritional support, to various skin  treatments, to topical cosmeceuticals that enhance results.

Our Team


I am delighted to have built an experienced team that will go above and beyond and have created a peaceful upscale environment that provides service excellence for our clients time and time again.

Serenity Medi Spa and Laser uses cutting edge technologies and the finest medical grade products every treatment is customized to your specific needs to help reach your goals quickly and effectively.

for your loyalty


We are here to serve you so please let us know how we can make your visit special. I thank you for joining us and look forward to meeting you personally and hearing about your experience.





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