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Facial- Skin services


RMT- Deep tissue or Relaxation, Bamboo Massage, Therapeutic Hot Stone, Pre Natal, Wellness massage


Skin Tightening, Botox/Fillers, Cellulite RF Treatments, Photo- Facials, Laser Hair Removal and Peels

Skin Tag, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Pigmented lesions,  Vascular imperfections Removal- price varies upon consultation

Body care

Luxurious Body Escape, Chocolate creme bliss, Aloe detox Wrap,Algae Cellulite  treatment, body scrub

Microblading/ Eyelash extensions/Lash Perming

Microblading, Eyelash Extensions, Lash perming


Elite, Shellac, Spa Pedicures/Manicures

Couples Corner

Our European designed private suite for couples is equipped with a custom made therapeutic shower for two and a crescendo double soaker tub with chromatherapy to sooth your muscles. Your personal esthetician will cater to your every desire. Choose from a vast selection of services performed side by side in a spacious, exquisitely decorated room.

Gentleman's Corner

Facials, Sports, Bamboo, Hot Stone, RMT  Massage, Pedicure, Manicure, Waxing services

Wax/ Spray Tan

We use a lanolin based cream wax which is excellent for soothing the most sensitive skins leaving you smooth and silky.

Unlike spray booth tanning, we are able to offer a natural looking tan that is custom applied for a flawless look everytime. Our special blended solution results in even fading, no streaking, no orange and no blotches.

Make up

Make Up Lessons, Day Make up, 

Special Occasion, Bridal

Private Suites

Rent a Private Site

Electrodermal Screening -Food Sensitivites

  What is EDS?

  • EDS = Electrodermal Screening.
  • EDS is a software-screening device used primarily to test patient’s food sensitivities.
  • It does NOT require a blood sample. It does NOT use needles.
  • EDS measures electrical currents (“electro”) in the body, using  the skin (“dermo”) as the point of contact with the device and software  program.


Rewarding your Key Players Investment in employee health and wellness is a smart leader’s choice. Employers stand to absorb high costs for absenteeism, reduced productivity, low employee satisfaction, and health-insurance related costs and stand to benefit from implementing a Corporate Wellness Strategy. Workplace mental health disorders cost Canadian companies nearly 14% of their net annual profits and up to 16 Billion Annually, and Mental Disorders alone are the leading cause of disability in Canada for ages 15-44 treating stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, and substance misuse.By partnering with Serenity Spa and Laser to deliver wellness and relaxation services to compliment your Corporate Wellness Program, you are taking an informed, proactive approach to your employees well-being while effectively protecting your bottom line. The benefits of our therapeutic treatments extend far beyond the perceived notion of pampering; however, we can promise your employees will still feel spoiled.By offering a range of wholesale gift certificate and service packages, we allow flexibility for the corporation and employee.

Loyalty Reward Program

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