IPL Laser Hair removal

A  fast, comfortable and permanent alternative! Serenity Spa & Laser  uses the newest technology to date which removes hair up to ten times  faster than other systems on the market. The melanin in the hair folicle  is targeted, not the melanin in your skin. Therefore, IPL hair removal  system continues to be the safest and most effective for all skin types.  Complimentary Consultation

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Cellulite treatments

Rf treatments

Face Skin Tightening

Radio frequency

Botox/Filler Injectables

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Get  Radiant Skin by Clearing Unwanted Pigment and Blood Vessels. Stop  covering and concealing your skin imperfections – and get back to the  clear, youthful skin you desire quickly, easily, and with minimal  downtime.

 because they target  pigment and vessels in your  Photorejuvenation is an  innovative procedure that can improve: sun damage fine lines and wrinkle  freckles -irregular pigmentation rosacea dilated capillaries brown age  spots appearance of large pores. Photorejuvenation  may be combined with other non-surgical procedures to give an overall  fresh appearance with absolutely no time away from daily activities.

Treat face, neck, chest, hands, arms and legs

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Fire and Ice Sugar Cane Glycolic peel