May Specials

Skin Tag removal

 Vascu Lyse Machine can remove skin tags, vascular imperfections, pigmented lesions, cherry angiomas and mila
$65 each skin tag removal (1-3)
$50 each skin tag removal (4 or more)
Vascular Imperfections, pigmented lesions, Cherry Angiomas and Mila- $95 per 15 mins

Food Sensitivity Testing

  What is EDS?

  • EDS = Electrodermal Screening.
  • EDS is a software-screening device used primarily to test patient’s food sensitivities.
  • It does NOT require a blood sample. It does NOT use needles.
  • EDS measures electrical currents (“electro”) in the body, using  the skin (“dermo”) as the point of contact with the device and software  program.

Special- $125 

Collagen Treatment

 Targets wrinkles, dull skin, fine lines,sagging skin
Special-$195 per session