Electrodermal Screening- Food Sensitivity Testing



What is EDS?

  • EDS = Electrodermal Screening.
  • EDS is a software-screening device used primarily to test patient’s food sensitivities.
  • It does NOT require a blood sample. It does NOT use needles.
  • EDS measures electrical currents (“electro”) in the body, using  the skin (“dermo”) as the point of contact with the device and software  program.

How Does EDS Work?

A blunt, non-invasive electrical probe is placed at specific  points on the patient’s hands. Each of these points  corresponds to acupuncture points on energy meridians. Minute electrical  discharges from these points serve as information signals about the  condition of the body’s organs and systems.

  • EDS uses a scale of 0 to 100, with 45-55 being ‘balanced’ or ‘normal’.

Are The Results of EDS Accurate?

Although relatively new to Canada this testing system is  understood, accepted and widely used in many other countries including  Germany, France and England.

  • EDS testing is useful as a diagnostic supplement to a patient’s personal and family health history.
  • Many people find that the test scores validate what they have  suspected about their individual food sensitivities.  They also discover un-recognized sensitivities and allergies.

Advantages of EDS Testing vs. other forms of Allergy/Sensitivity Screening:

  • Over 280 food and other substances tested.
  • Comprehensive Test Panels are very affordable compared to other forms of allergy and sensitivity testing.
  • A personable, licensed technician performs this testing for our  clients 

What is the next step, once I have been tested?

  • EDS results are printed  on the same day testing is done. 

Food Sensitivity Testing- $140 1 hour

Introductory offer $125 1 hour