Gentlemen’s Services

Gentlemen's Facial

$ 95

60 MinutesThis is a real man’s facial using non perfumed, non greasy natural organic products especially selected for a man’s skin and individual needs. This facial is wonderfully relaxing and fantastic for keeping a man’s skin in optimal condition.

Hot Stone Massage

$ 100

60 MinutesThis form of massage is the ultimate in stress relief. Smoothly polished basalt stones are first heated and then gradually incorporated into soothing massage techniques, becoming a warm extension of your therapist’s palms. Submerge yourself into a state of reverie as the last jags of tension, stubborn knots and office politics all melt away. Receipt  issued for insurance.

Sports Massage

$ 85

60 MinutesYour massage is personalized to focus on your body’s areas affected by tension and stress. Special blend of hay and oils are prepared to penetrate your skin, soothing tired and aching muscles. This treatment is designed to increase flexibility, relieve tightness and improve circulation and recovery time.
Receipt issued for insurance.

RMT Massage

$ 55

30 MinutesRelax your mind and body while this deep tissue treatment warms and soothes the muscles, improves range of motion and releases toxins that gather in tired, overworked muscles. This deep tissue technique stretches limbs by applying deep pressure into the muscle, resulting in a supple re-aligned body.
Receipt issued for insurance.

60 Minutes for $85

Spa Pedicure

$ 50

45 MinutesA European method by which we use a Gerlach (German made) machine to file/buff nails and trim/soften hard calluses. This method is far superior to the conventional manual method thus providing a more unique and satisfying treatment.

Spa Manicure

$ 30

30 Minutes